Friday 15 December 2017

Giving back to charity is vital to us

THIS week we performed two gigs in Whelan's in aid of the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Supporting charities is very important to us and it is something close to our hearts.

We love gigging so much that when we do have free time we just think, 'OK, we may as well do this one as it's for charity'.

We really enjoy them.

Our calendar is fairly hectic though, so we do have to be careful how much we take on and pick certain events.

We went to Temple Street recently (inset, with Emma Feeny) to meet some of the patients and I broke down as soon as I walked in there. The same happened to the lads too.

It's a real eye-opener to see children going through things so serious and coping so well - that's why we feel so strongly about giving back.

A lot of kids are in and out of hospitals like Temple Street growing up - and I was no ­exception. I've been there a load of times. I fell down the stairs a good bit and that ­probably explains a lot.

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