Monday 24 September 2018

Gerry's son Rex takes one-man-show to Edinburgh



Irish actor Rex Ryan will take to the stage in Scotland later this year as his play will feature in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The upcoming actor, who is a son of the late broadcasting legend Gerry Ryan, will perform in one-man show Pilgrim, by Philip Doherty, at the arts festival, which runs from August 7-31.

The play, which first opened in last year's Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, follows the story of an Irish man as he travels across America, with Rex playing an impressive 27 characters throughout the production.

Rex's radio presenter sister, Lottie, is clearly happy for her brother, as she tweeted a link to the show and wrote: "So exciting."

The rising stage star previously said that his famous father played a big part in his decision to go into acting.

"I would have been heavily influenced by my father and the sort of man he was," he said on Ireland AM.

"It's inescapable, just because he was my dad. It seems to be 'in us' in a way I can't really explain.

"It's something inside us, there is like an itch. If I'd be watching a play or film there's an itch - I want to be up doing that."

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