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With strings, just not attached

no strings attached Romcom; Starring Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Klein >BY MARK EVANS

SHE'S a career woman. He's a bit of a slacker. He wants her. She just wants sex.

And they all lived happily ever after, end of review.

Strangely, no.

Here, Adam (Ashton Kutcher), after playing the field for long enough, wants to develop a serious relationship with busy junior doctor Emma (Natalie Portman).

But her hours are terrible, she's serious about her job and she's got problems with commitment.

It's the usual chick-flick turned on its end with the guy the simpering mess here, and it works -- up to a point.

Kutcher is hardly stretched as the slightly dim bit of eye candy, while Portman's scantily clad body alone is worth the DVD rental price.

They end in the sack for a quickie that leads to a relationship that's purely carnal, which works for both for a while.

But soon Adam pines for something deeper and wants to avoid being like his juvenile dad Alvin (Kevin Kline).

The other supporting cast members are well written and there's the sub-plot of Emma's colleague Sam wanting to whisk her away for a solid, but deathly dull, life.

There are plenty of twists and turns, and you have the obligatory VBFs, gay ice-creaming devouring flatmate, jokes about periods and so on.

It's Bridesmaids territory, if less offensive. It's edgy enough, and entertaining, but you just know that there's enough saccharine at the end to keep everyone happy.

DVD extras: Commentary with the director Ivan Reitman, featurettes and deleted scenes.