Wednesday 26 September 2018

Watch out for that sinking feeling


it's fitting that this is set on a submarine - it's filled with a few highs and many, many lows. You've got to pity Jude Law, seriously miscast as a middle-aged, working-class Scottish salvage veteran. He doesn't look anywhere near old enough, and the accent slips as fast as the script.

And Black Sea is riddled with cliches. Law plays Captain Robinson, who like all divorced men on the big screen, has a wife who's with someone much richer. And, for reasons that aren't explained, he can't see his 12-year-old son.

Let go from his job, and needing money, all his friends are in the same boat (sorry!) until an old pal tells him about a submerged submarine that's filled with millions in gold that was sent by Stalin to Hitler in 1941.

There's only one problem - it means a perilous journey into Russian/Georgian territory to take away the loot. Getting cash from a mysterious investor, Robinson has to take the moneyman's slimey sidekick Daniels (Scoot McNairy) along for the ride with his motley crew and their rusty old submarine.

And what a bunch they are, including a psychopath, some rough-looking Russians and a homeless teenager. More cliches abound. What could possibly go wrong with a dodgy crew and millions in gold? Er, treachery, double-crossing, murder? Yup, they're all here - as is the obligatory scene where the sub hits the bottom of the sea.

Only mildly entertaining.

DVD extras: A five-minute featurette. Yes, that's it.

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