Monday 18 December 2017

Sarah Bolger's scary new venture in Hollywood horror film

Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger
STARS: Sarah Bolger with her sister Emma and director Jim Sheridan at the premiere of In America

She is known in Ireland as the doe-eyed kid in Jim Sheridan's In America, but now Sarah Bolger has lined up her biggest screen role to date.

The Dubliner is the star of The Lazarus Effect - a thriller set in a science laboratory in a US university.

Sarah (23) stars alongside Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass and Daniel Glover as a group of med students who stumble into some uncomfortable life and death situations.

When Wilde's character suddenly dies, the students tentatively attempt to bring her back to life with a dubious experimental procedure.

However, the 'Lazarus' character is not quite who she used to be once she has experienced the dark side.

Olivia Wilde tweeted photos as the trailer was released earlier this week. One still shows her character looking particularly possessed, hanging upside down from the ceiling, which Olivia said had some unintended consequences.

"Just hangin' out with Sarah Bolger in The Lazarus Effect," Olivia said. "I broke all the blood vessels in my face that day. Not cute."

The horror film is the latest in a long line of films that Sarah has been signed up to in the coming months.

She has recently been cast opposite Gerard Depardieu in It's Showtime, Siberia.

The actress will play a musical prima donna opposite the French actor, who will portray a Russian war commander.

The film is due to begin shooting next year in Hungary, Germany and Austria on a $15m budget.

Along with her guest role in the fantasy series as Princess Aurora, the Irish beauty is also known for her award-winning role as Lady Mary Tudor in The Tudors.


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