Friday 18 January 2019

Saoirse's film 'most complained about'

Peter Jackson's movie of acclaimed novel The Lovely Bones is the most complained-about film of the past year, new figures show.

Cinema-goers were unhappy the film -- starring Oscar-nominated Irish teen Saoirse Ronan -- was rated suitable for audiences aged 12 and upwards, when they thought it should be restricted to adults.

In its annual report, the British Board of Film Classification said The Lovely Bones prompted the biggest postbag of the year in 2010. It said many viewers found the 12A-rated film to be a "shocking and unsettling experience".

Alice Sebold's novel revolved around a young girl who is murdered and watches over the subsequent lives of her family and her killer from heaven.

People wrote to say they felt a scene in which the main character Susie (played by Saoirse) is trapped by the killer, who is later seen soaking in a bath after the murder, was more suited to an 18-rated film.

But affirming its position, the body said the film did not contain explicit detail of the killing, many teens would have been familiar with the book's themes and the film acted as a precautionary tale.

Some filmgoers also felt the film glamorised smoking, although the issue was tackled in the BBFC's "consumer information".

A number of complaints were also made about Disney film The Princess And The Frog for depicting voodoo and tarot cards, fearing such "black magic" practices were not suitable for a U film.

The newly published annual report by the BBFC -- which classifies film and DVD releases -- reveals that it also received complaints about disruptive cinema audiences, ticket prices and rude box office staff.

"There were several requests that the BBFC should indicate whether films advertised as a comedy are funny or not," the report also noted.


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