Sunday 17 December 2017

Pacino flies into a parody by useless robbers in bank raid

IN 1975, Al Pacino starred in the comic heist movie Dog Day Afternoon, playing a first-time crook who attempts a hold-up with a transsexual accomplice, only to find the bank is out of cash.

It's watch-through-your-fingers stuff as his character, Sonny, agrees to accept travellers checks instead, but his attempt to ensure they won't be traced by setting fire to the bank's register in a bin results in smoke billowing out the windows, alarms going off and the place is soon surrounded.

So when Pacino, in Dublin this week for his screening of Wilde Salome, picked up a copy of the Herald and read our headline: 'Hold-up by man dressed in drag' he would have been forgiven for thinking that someone was attempting an elaborate parody.

The hapless pair showed up to the TSB in Stillorgan, one in an ill-fitting suit, the other dressed as a woman but with a cheap black wig that didn't fit him ... and stubble. They didn't have guns, so they made a fake one -- out of a hatchet -- claiming, in strong Dublin accents, they had €2.9m to invest.

You have to wonder at what point this pair of plonkers realised that everything was going south.

Perhaps it was when the bank manager said: "Would you ever f*** off and stop being so stupid."

Honestly, you couldn't make it up. No prizes for guessing that their dog of a plan ended in the dock.

Unfortunately, even the kindest movie critics would have said these Dublin dumbos were patently unbelievable - because this real life crime caper was more like a Carry On comedy.

Hopefully, it made a certain screen legend bellow his trademark 'Hoo hah!'

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