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McGregor DVDs up for grabs

Prize fighter or just prize prat? That's the question about UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who's up there with Roy Keane as the most divisive figure in Irish sport.

And boy, is he TV gold for a documentary maker. With a need for publicity that would put the Kardashians in the ha'penny bracker, the Dubliner could just be the greatest ringside mouth after Muhammad Ali.

The six-part series, aired on RTE and in the US, takes us from the fighter's rehab from surgery through the gruelling path to the summit of his sport.

Anyone interested in fitness or fighting will get a kick (no pun intended) from insights into the punishing schedule that's involved in a sport soaring in popularity.

And if you're not, there's the glitzy side of a multi-million dollar global business, one that's suited to McGregor's brash style.

It's an insane world and the documentary climaxes with McGregor's triumph in a bout against Dennis Silver in Boston - getting his shot at the world title against José Aldo. With that fight taking place in Las Vegas (where else?) next month, the DVD release this week couldn't be timelier.

WIN: we've got copies up for grabs. To enter, tweet HERALDTRAVEL on twitter and answer this question: In which Vegas hotel will next month's title fight take place? You can also buy the series by clicking on: http://shop.rte.ie/Product/Notorious-The-Conor-McGregor-TV-Series-DVD-PreOrder/2681/2220.3