Friday 15 December 2017

Legal row over The Godfather sequels

A LEGAL row has erupted over the rights to a sequel to the Godfather trilogy.

Paramount Pictures is suing Anthony Puzo, the son of author Mario Puzo, to prevent the publication of a new novel, saying it wasn't authorised.

Paramount, which says it bought the copyright to Puzo's book in 1969, is trying "protect the integrity and reputation of The Godfather trilogy", claims a complaint filed in a Manhattan court.

Paramount claimed that, after Puzo's death in 1999, the company agreed to allow publication of a single Godfather sequel, The Godfather Returns, in 2004.

The estate published another novel, The Godfather's Revenge, in 2006 without Paramount's approval, according to the complaint.

Paramount is seeking damages and an order barring the Puzo estate from publishing the third sequel, The Family Corleone, this year.


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