Tuesday 16 January 2018

It's sexist, it's silly, but bosses works (again)


the original Horrible Bosses was a delicious dark comedy - so good, in fact, that it was the highest-grossing of all time in its genre, even eclipsing Michael Douglas's brilliant War of the Roses.

The premise was simple - take three guys who love their job, but hate their bosses. In fact, despise them enough to want them bumped off.

Financial worker Nick Hendricks (the underrated Jason Bateman) is the bitch of sadistic boss David Harken (Kevin Spacey, ever brilliant).

He makes his life a misery - with the carrot of a promotion at the end of the ordeal. Trouble is, Harken takes the job for himself. Then there's accountant pal Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis), who has a great boss (played by Donald Sutherland) - until he drops dead and the company is taken over by his incompetent drug-addicted son.

And spare a thought for dental assistant Dale Arbus, whose boss, Dr Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston) threatens to tell his fiancee Stacy (Lindsay Sloane) that he had sex with her unless he sleeps with her. Methinks he got the best deal there. The trio engage the services of hitman Dale Jones (Jamie Foxx), who's not what he seems, and of course, everything goes horribly wrong.

Now they're back - and this time, they're sick of bosses so invest in a startup shower company of their own, with the help of investors Burt Hanson (Christoph Waltz) and his son Rex (Chris Pine).

But this trio don't have much luck in the work stakes, and they're ripped off by Burt and left with half a million dollars of debt.

You'd think that they'd steer clear of hitman Jones, but no, he's back with a plan to kidnap Burt after the trio learn from Harken (now in jail) that they haven't got a legal leg to stand on.

All the gang are back - including the lovely Dr Harris, who's now getting sex-addiction therapy - and Waltz gives this at times sexist and downright dumb movie a touch of class.

It's a brainless return for the comedy trio, but you can't help laughing at it.

DVD extras: Okay, there's a host of obligatory "unstaged" gag reels, plus a funny commercial for the guys' new business. Not bad.

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