Wednesday 22 November 2017

It look likes Oscar glory for Streep

I went to see The Iron Lady over the weekend. It was a good movie, with a super performance from Meryl Streep. But it is absolutely staggering just how much she looks like Margaret Thatcher. We have seen Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, Michael Sheen as David Frost, oh, and Michael Sheen as Kenneth Williams. All played brilliantly. But Streep knocks Sheen off the lookey-likey pedestal, and out of the park. If she doesn't win the Oscar, I will eat my twin set.

PS. I hear the Big Breakfast is set to return to Channel 4. Remember seeing the genius that was Chris Evans take on morning television? It was one of the most original ideas in the history of television, and even though it shouldn't have worked, it was terrific. Kids TV for adults, before they went to work! I think it's exactly what we need today.

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