Friday 17 November 2017

'I'm ready to step behind the camera', says actress Leigh Arnold

Leigh Arnold and Steve Davies

Having made her mark on Ireland's acting scene Leigh Arnold now plans on taking a step behind the camera to work as a screenwriter.

The Dublin actress (35), who is best known for her roles in Irish dramas The Clinic and Deception, hopes to combine her love of writing with her acting knowledge to work on a TV show or stage production.

"I've written plays and screenplays," Leigh told the Herald.

"Since I was a child I was good at it and when you're good at it you enjoy it. But I didn't ever have the confidence to publish things.


"Putting yourself out there for people who don't know you and don't love you unconditionally like your family is really daunting so I never really did that, but I do intend on that being the next chapter of my life."

However, that doesn't mean the screen star - who is expecting her third child with husband Steve Davies in just three weeks - has any intentions of leaving her acting career behind her for good.

Leigh Arnold and Steve Davies

Leigh Arnold and Steve Davies

Leigh also intends to make a comeback to our screens next year after taking a break to embrace life as a mother.

"I'm always an actress and that's what I adore but when you have small babies it's very difficult to be on set," she said.

"There's no point in putting yourself forward for stuff when timing and location-wise it doesn't make sense for you, and it didn't for me for the past couple of years."

Leigh is putting her writing skills into practice with the recent launch of her blog leigharnold.ie.

"I'm not a fashion guru or a beauty guru, I'm a woman, wife and mother who gets frustrated about all the same things other people do," Leigh explained. "I just wanted somewhere I could speak my mind."

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