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I was like expectant father over Jack's Transformers – Simon

ACTOR Simon Delaney has revealed how he was like an "expectant father" waiting for pal Jack Reynor to get word he had landed a role in Transformers 4.

Jack (22) was facing the prospect of a three-film deal with the blockbuster franchise. But it was still up in the air when he worked alongside Delaney in new Vince Vaughn movie Delivery Man.

"We all knew when we were shooting Delivery Man that he [Jack] had done a couple of screen tests and auditions for Transformers, every day we would say: 'Any news?' Jack was actually on set one night, Michael Bay [the director of Transformers] called and he stepped off set to take the call," Simon revealed.

"Everyone was looking through a window, like eager fathers awaiting the birth of their new son, and he came back in and said, 'I got it'. There was a little bit of a party that night."

The Lusk man (40) admits the part has sent Reynor's career "stratospheric" but was shocked to find out the rising star had once sought his advice.

"When I met Jack at the read through, he said 'I remember ringing you a couple of years ago. I was gonna head over to LA and I was gonna ring you about agents and about all that kind of stuff. I rang you, we spoke, we were gonna meet for a cup of coffee in LA.'

"But I couldn't make it. Something happened so we were supposed to meet, we didn't but we met on Delivery Man, me playing his uncle of sorts.

"I'm far too young to be his uncle but carry on, and now we're all trying to hang on to his coat tails," he joked.

Simon has already bagged roles in The Good Wife and Kiefer Sutherland's Touch.

In Delivery Man he plays the brother of Vaughn whose character finds out he has fathered 533 children as a sperm donor, as "certainly the biggest thing I've done in the States".

"I met Vince Vaughn, three minutes later I'm playing basketball with him, this is why I'm actor," he said. "Because one day I dress as a tomato and the next day I work with Vince Vaughn. It is quite surreal.

"You do have to catch yourself but then you have to snap out of it and do your job because you're there to do your job.

"You've got a crew of 250 people and you just got a card from Steven Spielberg wishing you the best on your new movie and you're going, 'Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this is the real deal'."

Delivery Man is released in Irish cinemas on January 10.