Tuesday 25 September 2018

I drank ice cream to pile on 40lbs in just 8 weeks, reveals Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

COLIN Farrell piled on 40lbs for his role in The Lobster - in just eight weeks.

The Hollywood star was forced to gorge on chocolate cake for breakfast to tip the scales for the movie role.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter he revealed that he would melt tubs of ice cream so that he could drink them during his two-month binge.

"I would put [the ice cream] in the microwave to melt and drink it," he admitted.

"Two cheeseburgers, fries and Coca-Colas, and two slices of chocolate cake at 10am is not that fun - and I love cheese­burgers."

At the film's premiere the actor was taken aback at his on-screen appearance in a topless scene.

"I gasped. I'd forgotten what it looked like," he said.

"In fact it looked, in the current ubiquitous parlance, like a dad bod," he added.

It took up to four pints of Haagen Dazs a day to help him pile on the pounds.

"My body was in total shock," he recalled.

Farrell's co-star Rachel Weisz joked that she had met him for the first time as a "fat man".

"I had never met Colin before, I'd seen him in movies but I met him as a fat man.


"So to me he was this like rather delicious lardy, lumpy, fat man with a very thick moustache," she joked.

There was no trace of the fat, lumpy man she first met this week at Cannes however. Farrell was back to his trim self as he walked the red carpet at the prestigious film festival.

The Lobster is set in a dystopian future where singles are forced to find a mate in 45 days or face being turned into an animal.

It was filmed last year in Co Kerry and it is tipped for an October release.

The Castleknock dad-of-two has promised that the movie will "shock" viewers.

Following rave reviews the film scooped the jury prize at the Cannes closing ceremony last night.

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