Wednesday 17 January 2018

'Filming Pursuit in Spain was like a holiday', reveals star Ruth Bradley

Ruth Bradley
Ruth Bradley

Dublin actress Ruth Bradley said filming her new film Pursuit in Spain was "like a holiday" thanks to the siestas.

Ruth is known for playing Darren's sister Mary in the first two seasons of Love/Hate.

Her new film, Pursuit, is a modern retelling of the Irish folk legend Diarmuid and Grainne and also stars Brendan Gleeson and Liam Cunningham. "We went to Spain for the last two weeks of filming and that was lovely, it was different from shooting in Galway, that's for sure," she said.


"They have a siesta, so you film for six hours in the morning and then you're off from 12 until three and then you go back.

"But it was a dangerous because then we thought we were on holiday and should have a beer, but there wasn't any because it was work," she added.

Barry Ward, who also stars with Ruth in RTE drama Rebellion, played Diarmuid, while Liam Cunningham was Fionn mac Cumhaill.

"I had worked with Liam as a teenager when he directed me in The Clinic and this time he was a love interest, so that was mad," she told the Nicky Byrne Show on 2fm.

The Clontarf native is based in London and said she's become more "comfortable" with her lifestyle as an actor.

"You're working as much as you're not working, so you get used to it," she said.

"Then you make sure you enjoy your down time because when you're on a job, you've no life and you don't see anybody."

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