Friday 17 November 2017

Film Facts

1 The shark in Jaws was nicknamed Bruce, after Spielberg's lawyer Bruce Ramer -- who represents him, as well as other stars such as George Clooney and Clint Eastwood.

2 Speaking of Jaws, Spielberg spoofed his classic in the opening scenes of his comedy flop 1941, with actress Susan Backlinie again swimming in dangerous waters. This time, instead of a shark, she's surprised by a submarine periscope.

3 When Colin Farrell was cast in Minority Report, his character, Witwer, was American. But Spielberg wasn't convinced by Colin's accent and made the character Irish.

4 Determined to capture the look of Robert Capa's famous D-Day photos, Spielberg drained 60pc of the colour from Saving Private Ryan. When the film hit US network TV though, there were so many complaints from viewers that the studios boosted the colour back up.

5After a $25 entrance bribe, a New York magazine journalist reviewed an early screening of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, predicting it would be a flop, resulting in a tumble in Columbia Pictures shares. The film went on to gross $240m.

6During the shoot for Spielberg's 1991 flop Hook, Julia Roberts (right) had an assistant whose only job was to keep her feet clean.

7Spielberg has it written into his contract that when working in Hollywood, he's always home to his wife (actress Kate Capshaw) and seven kids by 6pm.

8Before starting any project, Spielberg always watches four movies: Seven Samurai, The Searchers, Lawrence Of Arabia and It's A Wonderful Life.

9Spielberg doesn't like his generation of film-makers -- which includes George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese -- being dubbed Movie Brats. "I wish they'd called us The Movie Nerds, 'cos that's what we really were."

10One day, finally, he hopes to make his autobiographical project, I'll Be Home. "It's very personal, that's what scares me the most, because it wears who I was and who I am on my sleeve."

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