Sunday 17 December 2017

Fassbender, aliens and irritated priests - Irish cinema steps up

Kirsty Blake Knox looks ahead to next year's best films made here

IT looks like 2013 is going to be a good one for Irish cinema, with films from Michael Fassbender, Gabriel Byrne, Sharon Horgan, Amy Huberman and Andrew Scott on the cards.

Brendan Gleeson is joining forces once again with The Guard director John Michael MacDonagh for upcoming film Calvary.

Brendan will share the screen with Aidan Gillen and Pat Shortt in this black comedy about a good natured priest driven demented by his infuriating parish.

Gleeson rarely, if ever, puts a foot wrong so this is the top of our must-see list.

The Hardy Bucks started out their comedy career on RTE's short film competition Story Land. Having bagged the top prize, the boys had a series commissioned, a Christmas special and another series.

And now they have their very own feature film. We'll see the Mayo lads take off on a road trip to the Euro 2012 Football Championships.

But wouldn't you just know it -- they get lost and end up in, wait for it, Amsterdam. Let the madness ensue! We think this is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it film.

The Stag is the other big Irish comedy due for release next year. Billed as Ireland's answer to The Hangover, the film focuses on a group of fastidious men who take part in a debauched stag weekend.

This is an ensemble piece starring Amy Huberman, Hugh O'Connor, Andrew Scott and Brian Gleeson.

Last Day On Mars is a sci-fi space adventure. It's about a group of nerdy astronauts exploring the universe, when one of them dies and the rest have to deal with the tragedy while stuck in space. Stinger.

We're excited about this film because it stars Golden Globe-nominee Liev Schreiber. Liev played the part of Victor Creed in X Men and is the partner of Hollywood golden girl Naomi Watts.

Ronan Keating's daughter Missy will be hitting the screen twice next year. She's appearing in horror film Dark Touch, a film about an isolated house that comes to life and attacks the family living inside. Creepy.

She's also appearing in highly anticipated film The Sea. Based on John Banville's Man Booker Prize winning novel, The Sea is a dark tragedy about a childhood tragedy, starring Ciaran Hinds and Sinead Cusack.

Irish heart throb Michael Fassbender will star in Lenny Abrahamson's film Frank. Fassbender will star alongside Domhnall Gleeson in the film about wannabe musician Jon (Gleeson) who discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious Frank (Fassbender).

Based on the comedy skits of Frank Sidebottom, it will feature lots of scenes of Fassbender wearing an oversized papier mache head while living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

It's a busy year for Love/Hate star Aidan Gillen. Not only is John Boy appearing in Calvary with Brendan Gleeson, he's also starring in Mister John, the story of an Irishman whose marriage falls apart.

We're excited about The Good Man, a film about a young banker, whose life begins to unravel after causing a stranger's death. We like Gillen in dark and gritty roles so this is right up out street.

The Food Guide To Love is a cute little indie film about a Dublin food writer who falls head over heels in love with a completely crazy Spanish woman. It's a perfect first date film and is already being billed as the foodie's Once.

When he wasn't gate crashing college parties, Daniel Radcliffe filmed Canadian-Irish co production The F Word this year. He plays the part of a disillusioned twenty something in this quirky romance.

So astronauts, priests, bachelors, haunted houses, food obsessed romantics and Fassbender running about in a papier mache head? Sounds like a great line up to us.


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