Saturday 25 November 2017

Facing up to cancer chick flick is total teak jerker

Dvd review: A Little Bit of Heaven

Dig out the hankies because the usually lightweight Kate Hudson does a surprise turn in the tear-jerker of the year.

She plays Marley, a career woman with relationship issues. She's a commitment phobe -- easy to understand as she has a divorced, overbearing mother and emotion-free father.

The usual suspects are here -- the girly friends, the nice gay neighbour, the shopping -- but imminent death isn't a common feature in chick flicks.

Marley's shallow lifestyle is brought to a halt by the news that she's got colon cancer -- and it could be terminal.

While there are daft bits -- Whoopi Goldberg as God, a birth coinciding with death, and so on -- a Little Bit of Heaven tugs the heart strings and it's easily Hudson's best outing.

Recommended (as are the tissues).

>Mark Evans

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