Thursday 24 May 2018

Cameron Diaz and Megan Fox bag Razzies

Cameron Diaz at the UK gala screening of The Other Woman, which helped win her the worst actress award
Cameron Diaz at the UK gala screening of The Other Woman, which helped win her the worst actress award
Director Michael Bay gestures to fans as he attends the premiere of Transformers: Age Of Extinction in Beijing (AP)

Cameron Diaz received the dubious honour of being dubbed the year's worst actress at the 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards (aka the Razzies).

And the blockbuster hit Transformers: Age Of Extinction won the worst director prize for Michael Bay.

Diaz earned the title in Los Angeles for her performances in two raunchy comedies.

In The Other Woman, a wife and two mistresses of the same man team up to make his life miserable, while in Sex Tape a couple accidentally releases their private performance to the cloud.

The modern-day remake of Annie, which also featured Diaz as Miss Hannigan, along with Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhane Wallis as the plucky foster kid, was named worst remake, rip-off or sequel.

Kirk Cameron, meanwhile, picked up the worst actor award for Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, a widely derided faith-based comedy, which also won worst picture, worst screen combo (Cameron and his ego) and worst screenplay.

Razzie favourite Bay's film was dubbed Transformers: Age Of Ex-STINK-tion by the Razzies, and although it grossed over £650m worldwide, that did not save the silly, explosion-happy movie from more than one win.

Transformers supporting actress Nicola Peltz was spared, but Kelsey Grammer was not as lucky.

The five-time Emmy winner picked up worst supporting actor not just for his role as the evil counter-intelligence agent, but also for his performances in Legends Of Oz, Think Like A Man Too, and Expendables 3.

Megan Fox, who gained fame from the Transformers franchise, was recognised as worst supporting actress for playing reporter April in the Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Ben Affleck was the only one who was spared. The actor-director who won for the terrible 2003 movie Gigli, was acknowledged with a Razzie redeemer for his Oscar-winning film Argo.


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