Wednesday 17 January 2018

'Bar Wars' in Kerry as Luke Skywalker pulls the dark side

Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill

It looks like Luke Skywalker has gone over to the "dark side".

Actor Mark Hamill (63) was spotted pulling pints of Guinness in a rural pub as filming for the latest Star Wars movie in Kerry wrapped.

Hamill also took in some traditional music at The Bridge Bar in Portmagee on the west coast of Kerry.

A wrap party was organised for the film crew after shooting concluded on the nearby island of Skellig Michael.

Colm Flynn and Jonathan Lambert, of RTE's Today show, were having a quiet drink when the movie star made his appearance.

"The people in the place we were staying in said that a wrap-up party for the crew was being held in a nearby pub.

"We went down for a few pints and, lo and behold, up walks Luke Skywalker.

"He was very chatty, in great form and taking photographs with lots of people," he said.

"He went behind the bar and started pulling pints of Guinness.


"He said he enjoyed the place and had a great time. He was such a humble guy and very unassuming," Colm told the Herald.

The crew of Star Wars Episode VII were treated to traditional Irish music until the small hours of the morning.

Hamill yesterday declared his love for the country on Twitter saying: "Ireland is simply heaven on earth! The people here treat you like family."

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