Saturday 16 December 2017

Amy debuts her darker side in gritty movie role

Amy Huberman is hoping movie-goers will get to see her dark side with the release of her new film Rewind.

She plays a recovering addict whose past comes to haunt her. And she ditched her blonde tresses for the gritty role, opting for a dark brunette do.

Her character's life is thrown into turmoil when an old boyfriend, in the shape of Allen Leech, turns up unexpectedly to reveal a past she has kept secret from her now husband.

The film marks a departure from Amy's days playing kind-hearted receptionist Daisy Callaghan in The Clinic.

The final scenes see the usually mild-mannered Amy show her darker side when her character attacks her former jailbird boyfriend with a chisel after he attempts to murder her.

The movie is directed by the award-winning director PJ Dillon.

"It was a complete departure from any other type of character I'd played before," she said.

"We did it on a shoestring, but PJ Dillon, the film's director, made such a good film."

The film, which first debuted at the Fleadh in Galway, was shown in Dublin for the first time last night and producers are confident of a nationwide distribution in Ireland.


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