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Family ties

New series. Documentary series about a rural African tribe, a clan spanning three generations living together in four mud huts in southern Ethiopia, known to their friends and families as the Ayke Mukos. Led by cantankerous elder Ayke Muko and his two wives, the family have allowed cameras into their homes to share their story. Now that his health is fading, Akye's sons intervene to help him carry out his duties to their tribe, at the same time trying to balance their own responsibilities - including some complicated wedding negotiations.

Kentucky crime


tg4, 9.30pm

Rayland Givens pursues an escaped prisoner who fled despite having only three months of his 15-year sentence left to serve, realising that the convict is looking for the buried loot of his original crime - and that he is not the only one searching for it. American crime drama, starring Timothy Olyphant.

Life behind the lens

Chris packham's natural selection

BBC4, 9pm

Naturalist Chris Packham is joined by two of his heroes - Jeremy Deller and George Monbiot - to discuss art, television and communing with a gorilla. They explore the craft of documentary making, illustrated brilliantly with clips from the likes of David Attenboroough and Alan Whicker. The show is followed by a wonderfully eclectic selection of programmes as chosen by Mr Packham: The Artful Codgers, Punk Britannia, and Afterlife: The Strange Science of Decay.

Romantic rivals

this means war

RTE2, 9.30pm

In this 2012 comedy, two secret agents find their lifelong friendship threatened when they fall in love with the same woman. The smitten spies cannot resist using their espionage skills and an array of gadgets to spy on her and sabotage each other's chances of romance, distracting them from a terrorist planning revenge on them. Comedy, with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.