Sunday 22 July 2018

Ex-model keeps the fur coats and pearls for beloved dogs

Jennifer Duggan (back seat) with pets
Jennifer Duggan (back seat) with pets

FORMER Miss Ireland contestant and proud pet owner Jennifer Duggan spends hundreds of euro on princess dresses, fur coats and silver necklaces for her pet dogs.

Kildare native Jennifer is just one of the devoted pet owners to feature in RTE's new docu-series Pet Island, a show about the wonderful world of pampered pets.

In the series, Jennifer shows off her dogs Millie and Mimi's extensive wardrobes and discusses their individual sense of style.

"Both Millie and Mimi have their own wardrobes," she told the Herald.

"They have a couple of fur coats, pearl necklaces from Newbridge Silverwear and a few tutus.

"They also have raincoats and leather jackets. They have a coat for every different occasion, rain or sunshine.

"Once they see the little dresses coming out they are like 'Yaay! We are going out'. Especially Mimi, Millie is more of a tomboy - she likes wearing hoodies."

Duggan competed in Miss Ireland in 1997 but lost out to model boss Andrea Roche who took home the shiny crown.

"I don't model anymore," she confessed. "It was fun but these days I spend more money on the dog's shampoo than I do on my own"

Duggan and her fiancé Martin Bailey live in Kildare and share their bed with their six dogs; Mimi, Millie, Guapo, Madison, Empire and New York.

"It can get a little crowded," Jennifer admits. "But it is a very big bed."

Guapo, an Old English Sheepdog, is the most famous member of the pack having appeared in a paint advert last year.


"I feel very proud when the dogs do so well," Jennifer said. "A lot of work goes into ads, so getting recognition is always nice."

The couple joins an eclectic mix of other besotted pet owners including a pet psychic and an opera singer who serenades his mini-donkeys. The first episode also follows a group of 'cat ladies'.

Pet Island broadcasts on RTÉ One, tomorrow at 7pm

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