Monday 18 December 2017

Evil Heather's on her way back to Fair City and ready to wreak havoc

Ellie slumped over drowsy from the drugs L- R Ellie - Susie Power Heather - Una Kavanagh
Ellie slumped over drowsy from the drugs L- R Ellie - Susie Power Heather - Una Kavanagh

Good news for Fair City fans - evil Heather Daly is coming back.

The dastardly character everyone loves to hate will return to wreak more havoc in Carrigstown when she comes back to the popular RTE soap soon.

Played by actress Una Kavanagh, Heather's dramatic storylines had the viewers glued to their TV screens earlier this year as they watched her drugging her young daughter, Ellie.

Una Crawford O'Brien, who plays Heather's mum, Renee, dropped the plot bombshell yesterday on RTE's Today Show with Maura and Daithi.

"Someone who's the torture in my life in Fair City is returning," she said.

"Heather is coming back to cause all kinds of havoc.

"She's being looked after at the moment, but she is going to come back."

Heather left a trail of destruction the last time she was in Carrigstown, with everyone left to pick up the pieces.

Playing such a divisive character has come with its own complications when the cameras stop rolling.

Una said she was initially nervous about the way the public reacted to her, but it has been mainly positive and they were "engaging with the storyline".

"I get it. It goes out four times a week into people's living rooms," she said.


"Let them shout at her. I'd want to shout at her. You just go, 'Wow, she got away with it again', or 'She didn't just say that'.

"It makes her a very interesting, compelling, flawed human being and it's my job to humanise her."

Heather arrived back into Carrigstown this year after a six-year absence as an individual with huge mental issues.

"Heather is a complex, strong, independent creat- ive," said Una.

"Her daughter, Ellie, who she absolutely loves and cherishes, is the only one true, pure thing in her life, which is why it's so sad that she's the one person she really badly hurts."

No stranger to shocking storylines, Una previously caused a stir when Heather and her half-brother Floyd began an incestuous affair in 2003.

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