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Enjoy the fame 1D, it isn't going to last

MY favourite joke at the moment, apart from all the ones trotting around about horse meat, comes from comedian Will Ferrell.

It goes: "I just fell down the stairs holding a guitar and accidentally wrote a One Direction song."

One Direction's music is no doubt as schmaltzy as it comes. If your ears bleed while listening to the offensive lack of melody and if your heart stops while watching the five of them climb all over each other while staring down the camera, don't worry -- you have taste.

Will Ferrell's joke must have been inspired by his Saturday Night Live appearance in May in which he does a rendition of "That's What Makes You Beautiful."


When he sings it, you realise that the first 17 notes of the song are the same. Simplistic? No. Dul? Yes.

So when Donny Osmond sent a warning to the five singers recently, saying that it won't last for ever, they should heed it.

I have a feeling both Will Ferrell and Donny Osmond are right. Their music stinks and it ain't going to last.

Maybe one of them should fall down the stairs with a ukulele -- they might get an interesting sound.