Tuesday 23 April 2019

Dublin Wives duo hoping to star in their own reality series

Dublin Housewives Lisa Murphy, Virginia Macari, Roz Flannagan, Jo Jordan and Danielle Meagher. Photo: Tony Gavin
Dublin Housewives Lisa Murphy, Virginia Macari, Roz Flannagan, Jo Jordan and Danielle Meagher. Photo: Tony Gavin

DUBLIN WIVES stars Jo Jordan and Lisa Murphy are looking to land their very own reality series.

The glamorous pair have been filming their own fly-on-the-wall documentary series, the Herald can reveal.

The socialities are calling the "completely stripped back and raw" documentary Jo And Lisa ... Keeping Up Appearances and are in talks with RTE and TV3 about getting it commissioned.

"We did a good bit of filming about four weeks ago with the same cameraman from Dublin Wives," Jo told the Herald.

"It's just me and Lisa and whoever else jumps on board so it is going to show a lot of rawness.

"It's not like Dublin Wives showing us in fancy hotels, but it is very much fly-on-the-wall, where you can see us on our good days, our bad days, without make-up and taking in our washing – stuff like that," explained the businesswoman.

Lisa is now single again following her split from celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean – the pair had split last October, but got back together in April. However, they split again earlier this week and there is no talk of a reunion.

Jo (39) says she wants to inspire ordinary women with the new reality venture, which she feels would show her and Lisa stripped back and at their most vulnerable.



"Myself and Lisa are so close and I am very comfortable with her so I think she will definitely be able to take a few bricks down from my wall."

Despite the popularity of Dublin Wives, the commercial station has not given a second series the green light.

The series also starred fellow socialites Virginia Macari, Roz Flanagan and Danielle Meagher and featured fire-works.

Speaking to the Herald, Jo believes that TV3 "shot themselves in the foot" by not updating viewers with the events that have happened in their lives since the last episode aired.

"I think it was very unfair not to show viewers of TV3 what is going on, to just cut it off, because they have so much more footage of what has happened since."

Another TV production that Jo is hoping will bring future success is her cameo appearance on an advert for Wacky Sauce, owned by pal Chris O'Hara.

Wearing cowboy boots, denim hot pants and top, Jo can be seen shimmying across the screen holding a bucket of chicken wings.

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