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Comic Corden is honoured for services to drama

TV funnyman James Corden was awarded an OBE by Britain's Princess Royal yesterday for his services to drama.

The Gavin & Stacey star has become one of the leading faces of British entertainment in recent years, as well as performing sterling work for charity.

Before the ceremony Corden joked that Buckingham Palace "doesn't look too shabby", despite Queen Elizabeth maybe having to move out to allow the historic building to be refurbished.

Corden (36) has cracked America and now lives in Los Angeles where he presents The Late Late Show on CBS.

Asked if he thought the queen should consider a temporary relocation to LA if she does have to move out, he joked: "Oh I don't know. I think she's got some other properties.


"I mean, I'll be honest, the bits I've seen - it doesn't look too shabby.

"It looks alright to me. I mean, it's an amazing ... it's an incredible building."

It was revealed this week that Buckingham Palace needs a total overhaul and the monarch vacating the building while the work is carried out is one option being considered by Palace officials. The initial estimated cost for the refurbishment is £150m (€210m).

The comic and actor said that to receive an OBE was "wonderful", adding: "It's overwhelming to come back from Los Angeles and then be stood in Buckingham Palace receiving such a thing.

"I feel very undeserving, but grateful nonetheless."

Corden said he had felt lucky his whole life to have loving, supportive parents and wonderful sisters.

He said he was "very proud" of how his career has gone and how it is going, and hopes he can carry on and "keep trying to get better".

Corden said he was really enjoying life in LA, but it reminds him how lucky people are in Britain to have "so much incredible architecture".

Referring to London, he said: "You'll always be rewarded if you just look up.

"And America is such a young country by comparison. And I'm surprised how much I've enjoyed ... I've been back two days and seeing the buildings and architecture ... I've really enjoyed seeing that.

"And I didn't realise quite how much I'd miss that."