Saturday 19 October 2019

Cillian eyes up part in Young Offenders after moving home

Cillian Murphy at the premiere of The Delinquent Season in Dublin. Photo: Colin O'Riordan
Cillian Murphy at the premiere of The Delinquent Season in Dublin. Photo: Colin O'Riordan
Young Offenders stars Alex Murphy and Chris Walley. Photo: Arthur Carron
Murphy with Mark O’Rowe and co-stars Eva Birthistle, Andrew Scott and Catherine Walker. Photo: Colin O'Riordan

Actor and proud Corkman Cillian Murphy would relish a role in RTE's comedy series The Young Offenders.

Murphy is a big fan of both the film and the show and said he would happily make a cameo in season two.

"It would have to be a good part, mind," he laughed.

"I've met those lads and they're brilliant lads and brilliant actors and I love the series," he told the Herald.

Murphy (41) is known to audiences for more serious work, playing Tommy Shelby in hit drama Peaky Blinders.

Asked if he thought there was a possibility that series could be adapted for the silver screen, he replied: "It's a possibility. I definitely wouldn't rule it out. He's such a brilliant writer and writes films so that could happen."

The actor recently moved back to Ireland after 14 years living in the UK and is happy to be out of a "massive city like London".

One of the reasons he moved home was so his children Malachy (12) and Aran (10) could go to school here.

Murphy has been married to his wife Yvonne McGuinness for 14 years.

Asked what the secret to a long-lasting relationship was, he replied: "Ah, it's not for me to say."

The actor stars in the recently released infidelity drama The Delinquent Season by Mark O'Rowe.

He was attracted to O'Rowe's script as it deals with middle-age relationships and "as you move elegantly into middle age you want to make work that reflects that".

The story revolves around two couples in suburban Dublin - Jim and Danielle, and Yvonne and Chris.

They both appear to have picture-perfect lives but slowly cracks begin to appear in both of the seemingly steady marriages.


O'Rowe is a noted playwright, and has also written films including Intermission and Perrier's Bounty.

The Delinquent Season marks his directorial debut.

"I hope that the film makes couples fight on the way home," he said.

"I've always been a fan of infidelity dramas, which sounds weird, but films like Brief Encounter have always appealed to me. I think infidelity is often more complex than people think it is.

"I like the idea that good people are capable of doing bad things."

The film also stars Dublin actor Andrew Scott, who played Moriarty in Sherlock, with Catherine Walker and actress Eva Birthistle.

The premiere was held as part of the Audi International Film Festival in Dublin last night after originally being postponed during Storm Emma.

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