Wednesday 19 September 2018

Celebrity Diary with Nicola Hughes: ' I just want to switch off in Dublin for a while before the madness of Chelsea starts again'


Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes
Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes

It's been a busy week what with parties, festivals and juggling two reality shows.

Last weekend, Alex and I went to a festival on this random island called Osea, off Essex - there were only 500 people there.

You have to get a boat to the island - at certain times you can drive over but not when the tide is in.

We had such a good time with Jamie Laing and Binky Felstead from Made in Chelsea.

I've been flying over and back from London a lot and on Tuesday night I had to jet back over for the Made In Chelsea wrap party.

It was fun having everyone together to finish up the series - it will be nice to have the summer off before filming starts again.

After the party, Alex was doing a DJ set in another club called Raffles so it was a bit of a late night.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend because Alex is coming over to DJ in Tyrone, so we're going up there for a night.

Then, in a few weeks, we're hoping to go to Santorini in Greece for a holiday.

I can't wait to spend some time in Dublin just chilling out. I'm looking forward to no make-up, tying my hair up and lounging around in a tracksuit.


When I went to Canada I could barely look at a camera

On Wednesday morning I was up early to get my flight home for the launch of a new reality show I'm in called Exiles.

The launch was on at Dakota and it was amazing being back with all the cast.

A lot of us still keep in touch - I chat to everyone except for Dylan (right). We did not get on at all.

In the show you'll see me pursuing my dream of being a presenter in Vancouver.

I got lots of experience working for a TV company over there and I was doing interviews everywhere - on football pitches, at concerts and amusement parks, literally everything.

Then I did Made In Chelsea afterwards so I'm putting together a showreel now and I'll be doing some segments for RTE's new show, Bounce.

I love the whole E! News vibe that they're going for.

I won't be on it all the time, but I'll be doing some segmen ts whenever I can. It's a great opportunity.

I've come so far over the past year - when I went to Canada I could barely look at a camera and now I'm pursuing a career.


Photo shoots with a lobster? All in a week's work

After a mad weekend, Alex and I just had a chill day in our apartment on Monday.

We ordered pizza and relaxed until I had to get my flight home to Dublin.

I had a press call for the launch of the Cathedral Smokehouse Grill on Tuesday morning, which was interesting to say the least.

I had to hold a live lobster and I just wanted to cry because I knew they were going to kill him afterwards.

They were like 'Let's smoke it in front of you' and I felt so sorry for the little guy - it was definitely one of the more unusual photo calls I've ever done.

It was really cool, though, because the pictures made it look like I was on hot coals but it was dry ice and it looked really good.

It's a great new venue and I can't wait to have a night out there with my friends once it opens.

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