Monday 24 September 2018

Celebrity Diary with Holly Carpenter: I'm so happy blog went viral so people can see my sense of humour

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Holly Carpenter
Holly Carpenter
Holly and her brother Ben
Thalia Heffernan

It's been a crazy few weeks - I still can't believe when my blog post about Snapchat got so much attention.

After 'What She's Really Saying on Snapchat' went viral, I've done an interview with MTV about it as well as the Late Late Show. Playboy and FHM have also picked up on it, it's insane.

Since then I've had offers from quite a few big online blogs that have asked me if I want to come on board to write for them.

I don't want to reveal too much just yet because nothing is set in stone, but it's looking good. It's only early days, so many people have reached out to me. It's such a big opportunity so I'm going to work on updating my blog over the next while.

It's a dream come true for me because I absolutely adore writing and it's nice to have a creative outlet outside of modelling.

Not only is it something for me to do when I'm not working, I think it's a great way to show people my sense of humour and branch out into another industry.

I'm a bit obsessed with Snapchat, that's why I wanted to write about it.

But now I have so many people adding me that I feel as though I need to be more careful about what I send.

When it was just my close friends on it I used to always send silly videos, but I suppose I can't really do that as often now.

I still love it though.

When I wrote it I just thought it was funny and I don't think people expect me to slag myself so this was a chance to show off my personality.

As a model, I don't think people get to see the fun side of me enough.

I've been trying to juggle all the publicity with work - yesterday alone I was filming with Xpose, did a fashion show and then had to do a photocall, it was such a hectic day.

Today is my first day off in a long time so I'm delighted to have the chance to relax.


My parents and I flew to the US for my brother's 21st

I was over in America last week. My little brother Ben is in college over there on a soccer scholarship so my mom, dad and I decided to surprise him for his 21st birthday.

We flew over and knocked on his door and he couldn't believe it.

Holly and her brother Ben

Holly and her brother Ben

He's been over there for three years so it was really nice to go over and see him, and to see some American football.

I love America - there's so much to see and do and the locals are very different to the Irish.

I've been to New York and other places, but I don't know if I would be able to move over there.

I'm a real home bird and being so far away scares me a bit.

I love London though - I lived there for a while last year - and I still go over and back a bit because I still have an agent over there. I flew over in January to go to castings and I still really enjoy being there.

However, in the UK, models don't really talk to each other as much. It's just not as friendly as working in Ireland because you don't see the same faces as often.

I've made some great friends from modelling

Since I've been back with the Andrea Roche Modelling Agency,  it's been all go.

I love modelling in Ireland, it's great getting to work with your friends. I'm very close to a lot of the girls.

Thalia Heffernan is one of my closest model friends, she's so much fun. We filmed a video for Yes Equality recently and it was a great experience. It's also such a good cause and it's one that I'm really passionate about.

It's so nice to have a close friend in the industry. We have so much to talk about.

Thalia Heffernan

Thalia Heffernan

Sometimes your other friends might not always understand what it's like, so it's good to be so close to someone who does the same job as you.

Working in modelling in general can be a bit bitchy, but I find that the scene in Ireland is niche and you just have to be friendly.

Dublin is so small that everyone has to be careful about what they say and you nearly always know who you're going to be working with everyday.

In the UK, models don't really hang out as much.

It's definitely a bit more tense when you're working in the UK.

It's a completley different environment to Ireland, where people don't take themselves as seriously.

Although there's still a lot of pressure, I think it's easier to enjoy your job over here.


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