Tuesday 25 September 2018

Celebrity Diary with Ciara King: It's like Chris and I are a close couple, but we're just friends


Rte 2fm presenter Ciara King and Chris Green pictured at the Rte 2fm Summer launch at Rte Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin.
Rte 2fm presenter Ciara King and Chris Green pictured at the Rte 2fm Summer launch at Rte Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin.

I've been working in radio for seven years and there's nothing that I love more.

I co-present Chris and Ciara on 2fm with Chris Greene, who I've worked with since the very start.

In a funny way, it's like we're in a relationship - we spend all this time together in the evenings confined to our studio.

There has to be a friendship there, it just wouldn't work otherwise.

I can understand - if there were other halves involved - that they would get jealous because we're male and female, but we're nothing more than good buddies.

The two of us were put together back in 2008 on regional station iRadio, where we presented our show until about a year and a half ago.

We always wanted to progress from a smaller station to the national broadcaster so it was a dream to be asked by 2fm to do the show.

We grew up listening to the station so it was never something we were going to say 'no' to. At times we still can't believe it, even though we've worked there over a year.

We're lucky because they've been so supportive of the show - it's a little bit more edgy and they just kind of let us do whatever we want, which suits Chris and I just fine.

We're on air from 10pm to 1am from Sunday through to Thursday and I won't lie, the working hours are tough.

It's hard when it comes to socialising and being involved in clubs or teams.

In an ideal world, I think anyone would prefer an earlier slot, but I'm definitely happy for now.


Compared to radio, live TV is terrifying


Since March, I've been appearing on TV3's Seven O'Clock show every Thursday and it's the first time I've ever done TV.

I come on to talk about events that are going on around the country and, I have to admit, I find it so nerve-racking compared to presenting radio.

I have so much more respect now for presenters Martin King and Lucy Kennedy (right), and others who work on live TV shows. People really don't understand the amount of work that goes into an hour-long TV show.

I've been doing radio for a long time and it's very easy to sit behind a microphone when there's only one other person in the studio looking at you.

However, it's very different when you have to sit in front of a crew and TV cameras, thinking that there are thousands of people at home tuning in.

My nerves have started to settle down a little bit but there are still some there, which is good.

Even though radio is my priority, going on the Seven O'Clock Show gives me the chance to branch out a bit.


I go home to Galway as much as possible

I grew up in Connemara and I always make sure to go home every three weeks.

I love Dublin and living in a city is great, but being from the countryside I find I get a bit claustrophobic if I don't get home every few weeks.

When I'm there, my phone barely works because there's no signal so I can completely cut off from everything.

During the week I make sure to get out of the house as much as possible, so I go for long walks on Dun Laoghaire pier because it reminds me of being beside the sea in Connemara.

This year, I've also started doing charity races, including the VHI Mini Marathon.

I never ever thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to run 10km, but I did it - even though the weather was the worst ever - and raised some money for charity Children In Hospital Ireland.

After I finished the run there was no time to rest - I had to sprint back to RTE's road-caster so I could present our show.

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