Wednesday 13 December 2017

Celebrity Diary: Back from the sun, but it's back to reality now

Lucy Kennedy and her children Holly and Jack
Lucy Kennedy and her children Holly and Jack
Lucy Kennedy

It's been a busy week - I'm just back from a few days away in the sun, and returning to work has hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was on holiday with my husband, Richard, and the two kids, Jack (5) and Holly (3), in Portugal - and it was bliss. We made the journey over because my sister-in-law, Sophie, was getting married over there and it was so lovely to have all the family out there for a special occasion.

The ceremony was in a beautiful location just outside Lisbon, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Jack was an usher and little Holly was a flower girl, so it was great to see them have their own roles on the big day.

Being on holiday with children is such a change - but in a good way. Myself and Richard still manage to get away for the odd weekend by ourselves and, although the break is nice, I always miss them. I'm a big wuss when it comes to my family - I'm happiest when the four of us are together, as cheesy as that sounds.

So being away together was great - we were up early every morning and I was on the sun lounger first thing while the little ones were in the pool. I'm a bit of a sun worshipper, so I was in my element out there.

But it's back to reality now.


It's great having old pals join me in TV3

Baz Ashwamy and Lucy Kennedy

Jack is back in school this week and Holly is in creche, so it's all go.

My Wednesday was particularly insane - I got up and dropped them to school and then had to get glammed up for TV3's autumn launch in the Aviva.

It had barely finished before I had to run off and collect them again - I barely had time to get them home and give them a snack before it was time to do the Seven O'Clock Show.

I collapsed into bed once I got back to the house.

Although I didn't have much time to mingle at the launch, because I was busy being supermum, I couldn't help but look around and think, 'Wait - am I back in RTE?'.

So many of my friends from the station seem to have joined me in TV3.

Myself, Pamela Flood, Brian Ormond, Laura Woods and Anna Nolan were all together in getting ourselves preened for the event, so we joked and had a laugh about how it was just like the old days.

All I need to do now is convince my good pal Baz Ashmawy to come join us, too!


It's nice to escape with a bit of yoga now and then

Lucy Kennedy

While I like when things are busy around me, I also love some 'alone' time.

I go to yoga, and it's such a great way to escape from all the hustle and bustle.

It really is one thing that really helps me to relax after a busy day.

I live close to Dun Laoghaire as well, so there's nothing nicer than a walk out on the pier when you need a break - which all mums do.

Saying that, I'm blessed with my little ones - they're great.


It's funny because Holly is exactly like me, she always has dirty knees and is ready for action.

However, Jack is more gentle and considerate, just like Richard, so we both have a 'mini me'.

One of my favourite things about my job on the Seven O'Clock Show is that I'm home in time every night to kiss them good night, and it suits me perfectly.

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