Saturday 19 January 2019

Carolan wants 6th series of Love/Hate

Stuart Carolan
Stuart Carolan

THE creator of hit series Love/Hate wants to do a sixth series.

The fifth series, which had been expected to be the last series of the hit RTE show, is sue to air next month.

The gangland activities of Nidge, Fran and Tommy have kept the country gripped and the production by Stuart Carolan has proved to be the biggest success the national broadcaster has had with a home-grown made drama.

Carolan has now expressed an interest in writing a sixth series, and with the show commanding such large audience numbers it will be a hard task for RTE not to consider commissioning the production.

"I love writing it, and getting it on TV. The whole process makes me so happy," Carolan said.

He said it is all up to RTE whether they want another series of Love/Hate.

"So if this season goes out and people like it, and it performs well, we could definitely do itagain. That's if RTE wants it. I don't want to jinx it. "


He described the upcoming series as "one big rollercoaster".

"The last couple of months of editing have been really tough. We've done really long days and nights, but it was worth it because we came up with something we liked and we hope the viewers will like.

"I could sum up the new series as a juggernaut. It's got so much bigger with so many more elements.

Carolan said fans of the show have a treat in store with the fifth series which includes scenes shot in Spain.

"It moves more quickly than previous seasons with more characters and more action. Watching it myself, I found it really exciting," he said.

Coolock native and settled Traveller John Connors (24) appears as pipe-bomb maker Patrick in the award-winning series and for him, the job became a family occasion.

In the next instalment of the programme viewers will see a string of his relatives on-screen.

"I got to spend a lot of time with my family because we shot scenes in their halting site and many of my cousins ended up applying to be extras," he previously said.

"If there was a line in the script up for grabs they'd all come running, or I'd audition them for fake parts - it was great fun."


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