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Bruce shows who's boss as he storms RDS

NO mud, no rain and no power cuts.

Yes, in Dublin only The Boss says when to pull the plug -- or at least that was what the sign said.

Bruce Springsteen spent his night basking in the rare Dublin sunshine and mocking his London hosts who so "rudely" cut him off mid-twist and shout with Paul McCartney last week.

But the Born in the USA star picked up exactly where he left off when he took to the stage in the RDS last night.

Clearly mocking the UK authorities for shutting down his performance in the Hyde Park, Springsteen decided to stick the boot in and kicked off the first of his two Dublin concerts last night with a full rendition of The Beatles' hit Twist and Shout.

The 62-year-old, who will play again in the RDS tonight, used the show to joke about last weekend's events and went as a far as to have a giant 'On/Off' power switch on stage for effect. After walking out to greet the packed stadium, Springsteen pulled the lever and roared: "Before we were so rudely interrupted."


And a number of occasions throughout the gig, the Dancing in the Dark singer pretended to hit the switch to 'Off', letting the lights in the grounds dim, but only to reboot seconds later and carry on playing.

The singer also had willing participants dress up as a London police officer and a Dublin City Council timekeeper, who mimed out actions to the crowd, pointing to their watches and wielding curfew letters -- which were ripped up by the chart-topper.

Dozens of revellers in the audience waved home-made posters in support of the Grammy winner and his group, which read: "We will never pull the plug on your sound Bruce and E Street," and "Only the boss says when to pull the plug".

Coming on stage at 7.25pm, Bruce and his musicians belted out some of their most popular tunes for the 35,000 fans.

He took his first bow at 9.45pm as a giant white moon appeared on screens behind the band. But after performing for just under three and a half hours, Springsteen finished up just about on time for the noise curfew, finally closing the curtain at 10.46pm.

Among the crowd enjoying the festivities were director Steven Spielberg and actor Daniel Day-Lewis.