Friday 24 November 2017

'British people bought a pack of lies on Brexit', says Norton

Tubridy talks to Graham Norton about Brexit
Tubridy talks to Graham Norton about Brexit
Presenter Jonathan Ross

Chat show host Graham Norton has claimed that the British people "bought a pack of lies" when it came to the Brexit referendum.

The Cork-born presenter appeared on The Late Late Show last night, when he voiced his opinion on Britain voting in favour of leaving the EU in June.

"I was astonished that people bought the pack of lies they were sold and I feel sorry for the people who voted for it because they were lied to," he said.

"They were promised things that are never going to happen and they were told [about] the things that are now unfolding: 'Oh don't worry, that won't happen'."

The BBC host lamented the impact it would have on Britain's young people and said that was "the most depressing thing".

"What is great about being young is you've so many options. Life - all the doors - are open, " he said.


"What is so sad about Brexit is that people over 60 - because it was people over 60 passed that thing - closed so many doors on young people and shut down options.

"Shut down options about studying abroad, living abroad, working in places. It just seemed absolutely the wrong instinct. Don't make the world smaller, don't shut things down. I understand where the fear comes from but, actually, I think it is sad."

He believes that the British government should have taken a leaf out of Ireland's book and taken the referendum again, like with the Nice Treaty.

"You do think, 'Do you not see what they do in Ireland?' If you get the wrong answer, you ask again! It was a no-brainer," Norton said.

The host of Britain's most popular chat show also said that, after 19 years at the helm, he is "almost offended" that he hasn't been targeted by the media like other big-name BBC personalities.

"It is like there is a whiteboard in the office and they have names on it: 'who are we going to get next? - Jonathan Ross - boom; Jeremy Clarkson - boom; Chris Evans - boom'.

"I am almost offended they haven't come for me yet but they have to be on their way."

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