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Big Brother star expects new show to go global

Former Big Brother winner Brian Dowling is eyeing up global domination with his new quiz show.

Brian (36) is set to keep us entertained on Saturday nights with his new hosting gig on Tv3's Sitting on a Fortune.

The Kildare star (inset and opposite) said that weekend audiences are in for light-hearted entertainment and "loads of fun".

The show centres on three couples who must race against the clock to solve puzzles in order to keep money in their bank. The longer they take to solve it, the more money their opponents make.

The show format is similar to Channel 4's Tipping Point, and Brian thinks the format could be very successful outside of Ireland.

But he joked that he doesn't know if his hosting skills would translate.

"My Spanish is hola, and that's about it," he told the Herald.

"I have an American agent. I'm very lucky. If it went to America, I would be in my element."


The show is filmed in TV3's Sony HD studio and Brian couldn't be more complimentary of the set.

"The set is amazing - each guest has their own runway or catwalk and I have my own games area," he said.

"I think it's the most TV3 have spent on an original format. I'm really, really impressed."

When asked what quiz show host he compares himself with, Brian said: "I think I'd be most like Ray D'Arcy. He's cool, in control and doesn't take it too seriously - and he's from Kildare."

Brian is based in London but said he wouldn't rule out a move back home.

"There are more choices in London with work, but in the future maybe. I live in London, but Ireland is my home," he said. "I always come home for Christmas - I couldn't imagine not being home for Christmas."

Brian was previously approached about appearing in I'm A Celebrity but turned it down - just as Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane did.

However, he added that he would never say never.

"I'm a fan of the show and I know the benefits of coming out of a reality show, so I wouldn't rule it out completely," he said. "I just couldn't imagine eating crocodile testicles."

Sitting On A Fortune airs tonight at 6.50pm on TV3.