Saturday 16 December 2017

Baby Carrie's our youngest star after movie role with Saoirse at just six days old

Is this Ireland's youngest big screen actress?

Little Carrie O'Callaghan was just six days old when she made her debut in Neil Jordan's new production Byzantium.

The newborn appeared alongside Bond girl Gemma Arterton and Irish starlet Saoirse Ronan.

Her proud Dublin parents, Louise and Colin O'Callaghan, revealed that Carrie was picked for the vampire flick because of her calm temperament.

"I was quite hesitant when a colleague of mine rang me to tell me that Movie Extras were looking for a baby for a film," mum-of-two Louise confessed.

"I would never have thought of putting my daughter up for it, I thought it was a bit mad because I'd had Carrie on Monday and the shoot was on the following Sunday but then I figured that life was too short and it would be a great experience, something that we could tell Carrie about when she grows up.

"And so I sent some photos of her and on Friday I got a call saying she was picked. She's a very laid-back baby, very calm and it was because she was so easy-going and I knew that she wasn't going to roar the place down that I said I would do it."

Louise (38), who lives in Blessington, Co. Wicklow with her husband, and daughters Grace (7) and Carrie, said that the tiny tot was an instant hit.

"She was brilliant, she never budged," she recalled. "As soon as we arrived, Saoirse Ronan came out of her trailer and the whole crew came to meet her. In the film, Carrie plays a young version of Saoirse Ronan's character, she is abandoned at an orphanage by her mum (Gemma Arterton).

"I was a little anxious when the filming was about to start because it was 7pm,quite dark and cold and Gemma had to place Carrie on a very cold step. But Carrie didn't move and she was wrapped up in a very warm blanket and 18th-Century clothes so she was fine -- she even fell asleep towards the end.

Louise said she hoped Carrie's scene would not be cut.

"Grace keeps on asking when she will be able to watch her sister in the cinema but we won't be able to take her because it's not suitable for children so we'll get the DVD and skip to the scene Carrie is in."


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