Friday 15 December 2017

At 43 I'm too old to be a heart-throb, says Dermot Bannon


Dermot Bannon
Dermot Bannon

Celebrity architect Dermot Bannon has laughed off suggestions that he's become a sex-symbol for RTE viewers.

"Heart-throb? I'm too old to be a heart-throb.

"At 43 they must be hard up for a heart-throb," he said, but he did admit that more people than ever approach him since he started hosting Room to Improve.

Last week, he revealed that he had appeared on the late Cilla Black's Blind Date as a fresh-faced 21-year-old student.

"It was one of those things you did. It was all a bit of craic," he said.

Bannon told the Herald that these days he's more likely to have fans approach him looking for design advice.

"You do get more people coming up to you, but they're more asking about your buildings - it's not really about you."

"Some people might think that people coming up to you would be annoying, but it isn't really.

"It means people are engaged and that people are watching the show. When they come up to me I think it's brilliant," he said.

The RTE star revealed that Room to Improve had opened Irish people's minds when it comes to architecture.

"In Ireland we tend to try and be as good as our neighbours. Our mindset is as long as it looks as good as the one next door or slightly better.


"Up until 10 years ago nobody really knew what an architect did.

"For me the fact that people have been engaging and that they're talking about it means that the role of an architect is becoming more central in people's minds when they're building their house."

Although Dermot and the crew of Room to Improve work on builds throughout the country and in rural Ireland, he said that city life in Dublin was much more attractive to his family.

"I'm a big advocate of city living. I think you have more facilities.

"There's a lot to be said for rural life, but I'm a city dweller.

"I do get that rural living is amazing, but I think I could do it for about a month and that's just my thing," Dermot said.

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