Monday 20 November 2017

Why I doubted I would ever marry my wife - Daniel

Crooner Daniel O'Donnell has revealed how he once doubted that he would ever marry Majella.

Speaking about his relationship with his now wife, the Donegal-born singer said that his strong Catholic beliefs nearly prevented him from marrying the divorcee.

"There was the obstacle that she was married, although divorced, and she had the children. That was difficult for me," he revealed in an interview on TV3. "I thought that if I got married I would certainly like to get married in a church."

Daniel (47) who met Majella McLennan in Tenerife in 1999, revealed how the couple split up over this doubt.

"Then I thought, 'you know, we can't go on,'" he said. "I was the one who said to Majella that maybe it wasn't going to be."


But the softly spoken singer told Alan Cantwell in the interview that he changed his mind shortly after the break.

"Then, as time went on, I would be doing things and the thought would come into my head that Majella would enjoy this," he said. "I suppose I looked and said, 'why am I depriving myself of this happiness?' God never meant anybody to pass the opportunity of happiness by."

Majella (48) and her former husband applied for an annulment, and when it eventually came through, the way was clear for Daniel and Majella to get married in a church.

"It's fantastic, I'm lucky to have found someone like Majella," he commented. "I would have always said that prior to meeting Majella, I was very content, very happy in life. Since meeting her, since getting married -- the fulfilment to have somebody in your life."

The couple have arguments like any other, Daniel revealed.

"We just have a great time together. As well as being husband and wife we had a great friendship," he said. "That doesn't mean we get on all the time -- we do clash heads, but you sort that out, that's normal."

But the hard-working, Donegal singer has no intention to quit the industry any time soon.

"I feel that I am able to sing as ever I did," he said. "I always say I hope I finish a week before I have to finish. My voice, my ability or the audience -- whichever goes first. I'd like to finish on a level that's respectable.

"When the time comes, I hope I recognise it, I've told loads of people to tell me and I hope that they are brave enough to tell me," he added.


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