Thursday 21 March 2019

Why Geri is glad to be home after RTE break

RTE presenter Geri Maye was warned against taking a career break but decided to carry on regardless.

The former Den star ditched Montrose for Sydney, despite being told it was an "unprecedented" move.

Limerick-born Geri said she has no regrets about the move and has landed a job with Lyric FM since her return.

Geri said: "When I went in and asked for a leave of absence I was told that it was unprecedented so I went away and thought about it for a few days. It still didn't faze me in anyway, shape or form, so I just went for it and I have no regrets.

"I adored every second of it and I'm so glad I did it because I went straight into work almost from college and had never taken any time away to work for another company.


"I was a celebrity reporter and a radio producer over there and even though I didn't know half the celebs I was interviewing, I learned loads," she added

Geri said the death of her mum four years ago was the catalyst she needed to pack up and take a break.

"You get that whole thing that life is too short," she explained.

And it seems the career break did nothing to hamper Geri's future prospects. When her current stint on Limerick FM's lunchtime show is finished, Geri plans to move back to Dublin to pursue a number of projects.

Geri said she hasn't ruled out a return to the small screen with a move back to Dublin on the cards in May or June. She told the Herald: "I can't say too much about my plans for the future yet but I'm in the process of finalising a number of things.

Geri who was previously engaged to Today FM's Ray D'Arcy and Apprentice judge Brian Purcell said she now has her heart set on an even bigger star -- Hollywood hunk George Clooney -- and jokes that he's been waiting so long for her that "he's worn out".


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