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Who's that WAG? Fair City's Orla gets a fakeover for new role in black comedy

IT took hours of hairspray, gels nails, "Tallafornia tan" and shopping trips to transform Fair City actress Sorcha Furlong into her latest role.

The mum-of-one has taken to the stage in W.A.G. and admitted that her family hardly recognised her when she sent them photos of herself in character.

The RTE star, who viewers know as Carrigstown's irresponsible businesswoman Orla Kirwan, will be dressed to the nines in "tacky, tacky, tacky" costumes for the production.

"I don't feel like myself at all, but I love it, it's refreshing to play someone totally different to Orla... My character is basically like Cheryl Cole, before Victoria Beckham gave her style advice."

Lucan native Sorcha has been kitted out with a gaudy pink wardrobe, fake tan and hair extensions for the black comedy, which deals with confrontation between a footballer's wife and his mistress.

"There are two women having a conversation throughout -- the WAG and the mistress who has an affair with my footballer husband. My friend Gemma [Doorly] actually wrote the character for me in this play, she thought I'd be perfect for a WAG," she said.

The actress, who is currently enjoying a scheduled gap from Montrose's long-running soap, can be seen this week in the Theatre Upstairs at Lanigans Bar on Eden Quay, opposite co-star Anne Fox, who plays the Mistress.

Sorcha will be heading off on a nationwide tour in September and will have to balance motherhood to Stella (2), both jobs and plans for her wedding next year to partner Gordon Weldon.