Saturday 18 January 2020

What are women like to work for?

The 'Queen Bee' myth, that women are mean to other females in the work place has been debunked. Clarissa Waldron asked some worker bees...

Sonia Kelly, 28, Blackrock:

n "I'm in digital marketing and I think it's quite equal. But my friend, also in marketing and basically a PA, is doing stuff that a man would just never be asked to do."

Ronan McGovern, 24, Dun Laoghaire:

n "I've only ever had males bosses. Some women in other departments have been on their high horse, but it's not something that has been too problematic."

Fiona Campbell, 27, Lower Mount St:

n "I work in construction and there aren't a lot of women, so anytime I come across women in the industry I'm supportive, and that's how they are to me."

Patrick Deasy, 26, Ranelagh:

n "I work in IT and my manager is a woman and she's one of the smartest people I know. I think they encourage each other."

Lara Connaughton, 20, South Circular Road:

n "There is a stereotype, but men make women in high- powered roles out to be a bit of a minority - by placing so much focus on that, it isolates them."

Chris Weeks, 39, Sandyford:

n "I work for myself but my wife just got a huge promotion so I don't think women are being held back by other women."

Anjali Kelly, 50, Blackrock:

n "Where I work now, the chief executive is a woman and she's very fair, very empowering. She gives recognition where it's due."

Alison Maloney, 31, Ringsend:

n "No I don't find that at all, I've worked in a beauty salon for years and my managers are all women and I find them very supportive. I'd rather work for a woman than a man."

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