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Wha's the Story? US fans want Love/Hate subtitles

Talk of "dirt birds", "gear" and "the Ra" has left US viewers of Love/ Hate in a state of confusion.

American viewers of the hit RTE show can't understand a word Nidge and the lads are saying and have begged Hulu, which is streaming the series online in the States, to subtitle the series.

While they think the show is 'coola boola' there are really struggling to keep up with the Dublin slang.

Fan Nuray Tasangil started a campaign to get the series subtitled: "I wish I could understand half of the things they talk about. I hope captions will be added very soon..."


Another viewer, Tracie Krueger, wrote: "I love this show! I'm pretty good with accents but I feel I miss so much of the dialogue.

"Could there be some closed captioning?"

The online service will have to translate popular Northside phrases.

Fran the Man's trade mark phrase "Coola Boola Nidge" is expected to read, "That's awesome Nidge!" The Ra are a "Republician terrorist organisation" while "the gear" is explained as "the contraband".

It remains to be seen what "dirt bird" will be translated as...