Sunday 17 December 2017

Wedding will soon be on centre stage

Myself and Adam are getting married next July so the wedding plans are coming along great.

Because I am away for most of the year with Celtic Woman, we are very organised so everything is pretty much done. There are just the finer details to sort out.

It is a small enough wedding and will be a family affair in Ireland.

My mam and dad and family were at the opening show of Cats last night, but my big brother Brian and his wife Vogue (Williams) are filming their new dance show in the UK so unfortunately they probably won't get to see the show.

Even though Brian is back nearer home, I am hardly ever here so I don't get to see him much, but hopefully we will catch each other soon.

I have been living in London since 2005 and I spend a lot of time travelling the world with Celtic Woman, but I do get back to Dublin as often as I can.

We have moved from London up to the middle of England so to get home is actually much easier for me.

I used to find it quite a trek from London, but now I just go up to the boat and I'm home in no time.

I find it cheaper and nicer to travel that way because I don't like flying.

The rest of the cast are staying in apartments while in Dublin, but I'm back staying at my mam and dad's, which is lovely. My mam comes to collect me at night so that's great, it's like I'm a kid again with home cooked dinners and having my washing done for me.

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