Wednesday 19 June 2019

Watch your back, Nidge... it looks like Tommy is out of his coma on Love/Hate

ON THE PROWL: Killian Scott back on the Love/Hate set as Tommy
ON THE PROWL: Killian Scott back on the Love/Hate set as Tommy

IT seems as if Love/Hate's Tommy is well and truly out of his coma.

At the end of the last series, viewers saw Tommy (Killian Scott) lying in a hospital bed after being beaten to a bloody pulp by gang boss Nidge.

Tommy was in a coma – and viewers were unsure whether he would make a return.

Well, these pictures show that he has made a full recovery – and is back to his criminal ways.

Wearing a balaclava, Tommy is seen entering a property during filming for the fourth series of the hit RTE drama.

Moments later, Tommy gives a high-five to Fran (Peter Coonan).

Although we don't know what's going to happen in the next series, it would appear that Tommy has forgiven Nidge for the beating.

Or maybe another double-cross is in the offing.

This wouldn't be unusual, as fans of Love/Hate will testify.

Nidge's predecessor John Boy was double-crossed when Nidge and Darren decided he had to die at the end of the second series.

And at the end of the third series, Nidge did the same to his loyal lieutenant Darren – he enlisted Aido and Elmo to kill him to keep his RIRA enemies at bay.



But Aido and Elmo missed, Darren found out and just moments later was shot dead by female assassin Lizzie.

The cast and crew of the gangland drama have been shooting at various locations around Dublin for the past few weeks.

The much-anticipated fourth series will hit our screens this autumn.


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