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Wannabes 'trashed Cowell's villa'

Simon Cowell has threatened to dock his X Factor contestants' future pay following reports that they damaged his luxury rented villa in Spain.

The reality show hopefuls at the pop mogul's boot camp are said to have caused damage worth thousands of pounds to the Marbella property, including a £5,000 Persian rug and designer furniture.

They have also been accused of drinking Simon's stock of vintage champagne and imported beer, and keeping him up into the early hours through their noisy antics.

Simon told the Daily Mail: "Yes they did wake me up. Any damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque if they make it - to teach them a lesson."

A show insider admitted the eight groups at the boot camp, including The Reason, Sugar Bullet and Husstle, may have "been a bit noisy" when they arrived.

The 20-bedroom villa - which boasts three pools and a cinema - is reportedly costing £15,000 a day to hire.

Simon has also hinted that axed contestant Shirlena Johnson could return to the show.

He said he would like a "second opinion" about the single mother from east London, who was dropped last week because of concerns over her mental health.

Johnson, 30, provided one of the audition highlights when she shrieked and wailed through a version of Duffy's Mercy. She also sang an eccentric version of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance in front of the judges.

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