Monday 15 October 2018

Walliams' wife puts a halt to new challenge

TV funnyman David Walliams has told how his supermodel wife put a halt to his plans to take on another challenge following his gruelling Thames swim.

The 40-year-old Little Britain star suffered the parasitic infection giardiasis and still undergoes physiotherapy after injuring a disc in his back during his eight-day charity swim in September last year.

Walliams, who married Lara Stone in 2010, said that he wanted to fly to New York to meet his friend, adventurer Bear Grylls, to discuss a new endeavour.

The comic said: "It was only scaling a rock face, but Lara got really upset and said no..."

Walliams said in an interview that his giardiasis, caused by a water-borne parasite, then flared up and he had to cancel the meeting anyway.


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