Monday 21 January 2019

Viewers shocked as Dr Eva has a go at Kathryn for Sinead's weight gain

No-nonsense nutritionist Dr Eva Orsmond has stunned Operation Transformation viewers by attacking the show's host Kathryn Thomas.

The medical practitioner also doled out harsh words to the show's leaders who failed to reach their target weight loss this week.

Mother-of-four Sinead Heffernan (37) was given leave to relax her strict diet after exceeding her target in the previous episode, but she was later told off by Dr Eva Orsmond when it emerged that she had put on 1.05lbs.

Kathryn Thomas admitted to feeling guilty about the leader's setback, as she had taken her on a night out recently.

"I feel partly responsible," she said, shortly after viewers learned that the two women had gone to see a play at the Gaiety Theatre and had enjoyed a few glasses of wine.

"If you eat or drink above the calorie content of the plan, you should be burning it off," Dr Orsmond said.

"And I think Kathryn you should be helping Sinead to burn this off instead of encouraging her to have extra calories when she is so far from her overall target," she added stridently.

Fitness guru Karl Henry soon came to Kathryn and Sinead's defence by pointing out that this slight setback could be due to women's health issues, and encouraged the Meath native to do better next week.

Sinead's supporters expressed their anger at Dr Eva Orsmond's remarks on the Operation Transformation social network site.

"I have to say that Dr Eva is very harsh on the leaders, rolling her eyes at them, even Karl agreed that Sinead had her time of the month and women carry extra weight at that time, keep going leaders, you are doing great," one internet user said.

Another added: "Come on . . . Seriously . . . Give the girl a break! A couple of glasses of wine . . . Go on Carl, you tell Dr. Eva!

"Don't mind her Sinead, you're doing great girl!"


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