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U2 on target for Spider-Man Broadway launch

U2 manager Paul McGuinness has revealed that the eagerly awaited musical Spider-Man: Turn off The Dark, featuring music by Bono and the Edge, is on schedule to open in mid-November.

Rehearsals for the production are now underway in New York, where it will make its debut on Broadway this year, according to McGuinness.

Speaking to the Herald he said: "The current estimated time of arrival on Broadway for Spider-Man is mid-November and that's in rehearsal now.

"I'm not involved in producing it but obviously I represent Bono and Edge's interests. It's kind of on track and it's very exciting.

"Julie Taymor, the director, is best known for her extraordinary success with the Lion King and she's a movie director as well. She's a genius. Everyone involved is brilliant but, obviously, when you go on Broadway you don't know -- some shows are hits, not all though.

"What I do know is that it will be the most expensive production on Broadway of all time," he added.

U2 frontman Bono and bandmate the Edge are both involved in writing the score for the production, which is expected to cost approximately €40m to complete.

Weekly production costs are expected to be up to €1m meaning the show would have to run for 8,000 years to break even, according to New York reports.

New preparation has included filming green-screen footage this week and a flying workshop in Las Vegas last week.

One Tree Hill actor Reeve Carney will play Peter Parker and Spider-Man.