Monday 18 December 2017

Tubridy's already planning his next book...for children

HIS first book hasn't even hit shelves yet but Ryan Tubridy is already planning a follow up.

The Late Late Show host has revealed he is ploughing full steam ahead with his dream to pen a children's book.

The father-of-two is clearly eager to do something aside from the once-a-year Toy Show special to entertain his younger generation of fans, as well as his own daughters Ella (10) and Julia (5).

Speaking to the Herald, the 37-year-old said: "I really enjoyed the experience and I like the idea of doing another book.

"I like the idea of doing something for children, either a children's book or history or something like that."

"I've definitely got a line of enquiry in my head that I'm pursuing. I've got a taste for it."

The 2fm presenter admitted he has the Toy Show on the brain at the moment and revealed RTE are desperately trying to convince him to sing on this year's eagerly awaited programme.


"I do sing sometimes but it's after a few drinks. They're trying to convince me to sing for the Toy Show," he said, before quickly adding that he definitely won't do it.

"No is the answer. I wouldn't like it. I would be very self conscious.

"I'd hate it," he said.

His debut book JFK In Ireland will be launched next Wednesday, October 27, in the Mansion House's Round Room before going on sale on November 5, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the US President's election.

"It's more than exciting. It's hugely exciting for me. I called into my mum this morning. I got two copies of it and I kept one and I gave her the other one and it was a lovely moment."

The self-confessed young fogey described the book as "a close study of the shenanigans behind the scenes" at the time of Kennedy's 1963 visit to Ireland.

"This book aims to present the public side of that whirlwind Kennedy visit in 1963 from those who may have stories, gifts, photos, video, memories or simply an opinion on it."

Ryan reached out to the public via his website to ask people to recall their memories of the visit as part of his research for the book, which is part of a €100,000 two-book deal with Harper Collins UK. Those who contributed material eagerly await the final product.


Earlier this year he admitted to the Herald he was too scared to give anyone a sneak peak at the historical manuscript, including his on/off girlfriend Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain, because of his lack of experience as a writer.

"I've been really reluctant to show it to [Aoibhinn] or anyone else to be honest," he said.

"I'm just concerned they will say it's appalling. I'm not a writer by profession, that's not my natural habitat so it's been a learning curve."


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